Thursday, 24 March 2011

Crashing and Burning Live on Air

I am NOT burning..I do not self harm anymore and have not for a few years! Crash and burn is my expression for what I am going through at the moment...hence my inconsistent ranting and all round odd behaviour. In terms of the mental health service they call it a crisis...I find crisis too melodramatic..Japan has a crisis, I am crashing and burning.....

When I do crash and burn it tends to be messy and not nice to see...I have a platform to do it in public via twitter...this is not good. Apart from a shrink or a psychologist no one would normally know I was hitting the wall. My method is to go to the proverbial dark room and hide until it passes. Doing it on twitter is making me look like cunt I am, to be frank...I do know my faults believe it or not....I also know when this is getting to me which is why I save a cat, I go off and sort it out and come back when it is better.

I am even pissed off that no one reads my poetry and I have never cared about that so things in my head are bad and dark.

I think I am angry with John at telling me that this that and the other is out there for me to interact with and will be telling him so on accepting my isolation is better for me. So I shall go and sort myself out and then return and nicer person....well for a few weeks I will be nice at least. I have not had a black cloud moment this long for sometime so its time I sorted it this bad period.

T A Roberts ( London March 2011)

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Anonymous said...

People do read and love your poetry.Do not stop.Be strong, go to your dark room, regroup, and come back and continue. We're all cunts.You're not alone.