Saturday, 12 March 2011

Can anyone HELP please..writers/poets etc

Ok one of my challenges from my therapist is to get out there...join and book group/poetry people etc. Now this is the base I am starting from...I KNOW it is just me, me and me. I do not exaggerate this. I have told him that I will never make friends...he does not agree. Now I am not talking fucking romance here. That was long dead and buried many years ago. I have told you, it is coming up to 7 years not being close to a woman in anyway what so ever! My poems do not lie!

Now I find it hard to do stuff but I am going through my hard to do list and most of the stuff on it makes you look an idiot when you are alone. It is as if the whole world is with someone. How the fuck does a 46 year old man 'get out there'? I have looked high and low for groups...a book group etc/writing/poetry. So when I hit a brick wall he says start your own!...I tell him I try but how do I start when I know no one!

If anyone knows anything I can join please let me know...I can not even get anyone to do the demo with me on March 26th....I am trying but I have told him I am giving up. It makes me angry when I keep getting told that there is this that and the other out there...I am creative but ignored. I win...he loses

Anyone want to start a radical writing group do let me know....coz I am pissed off with trying xx

Tim (March 2011, London)

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