Thursday, 14 April 2011

Expose The Bastards (Discrimination Stinks)

I have taken the first steps this week in exposing the bastard Employers who still break the Law by keeping Health Tick Boxes in their Application forms. I will starve to death until I have done at least a little something to take these Fascists on. Let's face it....most HR departments force the most anal bullshit on Employee's with politically correctness coming out of their ears but they seem incapable of taking this form out of their application forms. Yes, you do not have to fill it in but the fact that it is still there will put you under pressure.

When you have a mental illness but wish to work your employer has the legal obligation to offer you 'reasonable adjustment' to your hours. Say for example, if like me, you need an appointment to go and see your Shrink or Therapist to get you better, the Employer is obliged to help you with this by adjusting your hours..the word reasonable comes into has to suit both parties but their failure to do so is discrimination within the disability act.

I am, and have always been, a 100% honest and hard working Employee. But I now find I can not get a job doing anything at all and believe me I would do anything. I will go in the Sewers with the shit and rats if someone will give me a chance. I am being being wasted. I am a multi skilled handyman with 30 years experience and I have other skills that would suit many an Employer. But the door is closed and while it remains closed I will do all I can to expose the treatment of those with Mental Health issues. I am now a full time activist and I will carry on until I see what I think are the Human Rights of us being granted. Employers get away with far too much in the UK and now some pretty major Mental Health organisations are up their ass. We are watching you...and we will expose you in the media....

T A Roberts (London April 2011)

Friday, 8 April 2011

Nail The Employers Who Break The Law/Human Rights

Below is a pasted part of an email I received from the amazing Rethink....Do NOT accept Employers who still have Health Questions on Application on and act. Do not accept the BULLY tactics of Employers anymore...It is time we got militant and outraged! This is the 2011 and we no longer live in Caves. Face your truth for it is your truth that will save you. Own your depression or mental illness and shout about it for the roof tops. You are Human...You Have Rights

If you are finding application forms that are asking questions that are not permitted, (including health questions when this is not of key importance to the job role), then individuals cannot bring a claim against these employers. However, the Equality and Human Rights Commission can do so.
Previously it was difficult to show discrimination when a disabled person lost out on a job. However, now, under section 60 of the Equality Act, an employer who asks unlawful health questions will be assumed to have discriminated against an unsuccessful disabled candidate. It would be up to the employer to prove that disability did not play a part in their decision.
You could bring any application forms asking unlawful questions to the attention of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). If you have applied for any of these roles and been unsuccessful, then you could also contact the EHRC for advice; 
0845 604 6610 - England main number
It does also say that the Mind legal unit would be interested to be kept informed of application forms with unlawful health questions. The details for this team are:0300 466 6463

Love is the blog dog called Boris Danski....fight on and rise up against the law breakers. Tim xx The Militant Depressive.

April 2011 London

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Comments can Kill...

Mirrors reflect; mirrors can be your worst enemy but it tends to be other people who leave you with a fucked up reflection of the real you. Yes, what's inside really matters but a comment made about your appearance can mess you up for life and can, in many cases, lead to eating disorders, OCD's and Body Dismorphic Disorder.

The above can lead to suicide or a life of hell and not ever being able to accept yourself. I am a 46 year old man and I suffer with BDD. During the hard core therapy I have had over the past 15 months it has become blindingly obvious that the bullying I experienced at School went a very long way to causing me some of the mental hell I have been through since. It is a sum of the parts but an important one.

The next time you think of commenting on how someone looks(in the negative) do consider this; it passed from your lips in a micro second but could live with that person for many years. Who really gives a fuck what shape people are or how small they are or how large?...Disorders come to people from all back grounds...Women, Men, Boys, Girls, rich, poor...the effects of mental hell do not discriminate.

My mirror checking is nowhere near as bad as it was. I have stopped self harm. But when I do look in a mirror and when I do feel bad, the comments that were made about me over the years start ringing in my head. Bullying caused a defective schema to trigger off a life of self loathing...this was planted in me at 8 years old and stayed with me. I have been on an acute Psychiatric ward and nearly killed myself twice....funny isn't it?

These days there is the most ridiculous and vile need to 'look good'. Who says? Some cheap throw away trash magazines and fucked up red top Tabloids. It is not real..none of it. Is it ok for the Daily Mail to name a whole generation of kids Chavs? its Fascist. Yet this one word is used to abuse a whole section of society and mainly because of how they dress and look...I see them as our beautiful and beat up youth. Everyone brings colour to the matter where you come from.

I promise you that no one will ever want to have BDD...but I fear the pressures being put on young women and men will have a pay back in 10 or 20 years time that we will all regret.

I would like to link you to this blog by Kate Nash, a talented and creative lady who is in the public eye. I read it and it was perfectly matters not who you are; the body image and what is said about you can hurt and have devastating effects. Be nice to link below. A poem about the beauty of youth by me x

T A Roberts London 2011

Monday, 4 April 2011

Letter to Government Ministers..please do the same

Below is the email I have sent to the Government Ministers who are charged with Employment regulating. If you have experienced discrimination during the application process or think you have please feel free to paste this email or write your own to; It is illegal for you to be asked any health questions prior to a job offer as of October 2010 and this is part of the discrimination act 2006.

Dear Sirs

I am looking for some advice as to how best to deal with a problem I keep coming up against.

As of October 2010 an applicant does not have to fill in the health questionnaire on a job application form. I have a health issue and I am trying to find a job so that I can work around my issue and continue my treatment. I am finding, on every occasion, that employers keep the health questionnaire in their application form.

When I do not fill the form in, because I am not obliged to, I am often asked why, yet the discrimination act clearly states that no questions regarding the applicants health can be asked until a job offer has been made.

There are also stealth ways that Employers use to get information that an applicant is not obliged to give; Age, Sexual Orientation and Health on the Equal Opportunities form.

This is all illegal practise yet every job I apply for still asks these questions on application forms.

Please advise me how I deal with this. I have faced positive discrimination because of this and it is difficult to prove. The idea of the act is supposed to support those who face discrimination but this is failing because these questions are asked during the pre interview stage, so many times I am not even getting through the door.

Kind Regards

Tim Roberts (London)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

UK Employers In Breach of Discrimination Laws..EXPOSE THEM!

HR departments and Employers up and down the Country are breaking the law on several fronts and I am using this blog to expose it and ask you to spread this as far as you can and even write to your M.P and Government ministers. I have done so this morning. The UK is at the epicentre of Mental Health discrimination and Employers are getting away with it.

As of October 2010 it became Illegal for any Employer to ask you any health related questions prior to the offer of employment. As you can imagine I have had to fill in many forms in my quest to get a job. Every form I have seen still has the health tick box. The fact that it is still there could make you obliged to fill it in.

Age and sexual orientation does have to be revealed either yet Date of Birth question still exists.  If you fill in an Equal Opportunities’ form your age is asked as is your health and sexual orientation. This is not legal. Why do these forms get pushed under your nose prior to a job offer? Many employers will ask you to bring a Passport to the interview...well your date of birth is on there! This is a stealth way of finding out your age and the Equal Opportunities’ forms are a stealth way of finding out information you should not have to disclose until job offer.

Mental Health discrimination in the work place is rife. When you consider that HR departments tend to suffer anal retention to the max and push the PC regulations at every turn, it seems odd that they can not reprint their application forms to reflect current law.

Once a job offer has been made then the employee can disclose all. The idea of anti discrimination legislation is so that once the job offer is made the employer can not pull the carpet without looking like they are discriminating against your mental illness or any other health issue you have. Obviously there are caveats for certain positions but in the whole this information does not need to be collected.

To this end every high street employment agency is breaking the law; they ask all these questions on is time to expose the Employers who continue to break the law. I have faced positive discrimination in terms of my depression and dyslexia. I am not going to sit and take it and I am going to get someone to listen......please RT or link this blog for me. Act against discrimination by Employers.

T A Roberts London April 2011