Monday, 4 April 2011

Letter to Government Ministers..please do the same

Below is the email I have sent to the Government Ministers who are charged with Employment regulating. If you have experienced discrimination during the application process or think you have please feel free to paste this email or write your own to; It is illegal for you to be asked any health questions prior to a job offer as of October 2010 and this is part of the discrimination act 2006.

Dear Sirs

I am looking for some advice as to how best to deal with a problem I keep coming up against.

As of October 2010 an applicant does not have to fill in the health questionnaire on a job application form. I have a health issue and I am trying to find a job so that I can work around my issue and continue my treatment. I am finding, on every occasion, that employers keep the health questionnaire in their application form.

When I do not fill the form in, because I am not obliged to, I am often asked why, yet the discrimination act clearly states that no questions regarding the applicants health can be asked until a job offer has been made.

There are also stealth ways that Employers use to get information that an applicant is not obliged to give; Age, Sexual Orientation and Health on the Equal Opportunities form.

This is all illegal practise yet every job I apply for still asks these questions on application forms.

Please advise me how I deal with this. I have faced positive discrimination because of this and it is difficult to prove. The idea of the act is supposed to support those who face discrimination but this is failing because these questions are asked during the pre interview stage, so many times I am not even getting through the door.

Kind Regards

Tim Roberts (London)

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