Thursday, 14 April 2011

Expose The Bastards (Discrimination Stinks)

I have taken the first steps this week in exposing the bastard Employers who still break the Law by keeping Health Tick Boxes in their Application forms. I will starve to death until I have done at least a little something to take these Fascists on. Let's face it....most HR departments force the most anal bullshit on Employee's with politically correctness coming out of their ears but they seem incapable of taking this form out of their application forms. Yes, you do not have to fill it in but the fact that it is still there will put you under pressure.

When you have a mental illness but wish to work your employer has the legal obligation to offer you 'reasonable adjustment' to your hours. Say for example, if like me, you need an appointment to go and see your Shrink or Therapist to get you better, the Employer is obliged to help you with this by adjusting your hours..the word reasonable comes into has to suit both parties but their failure to do so is discrimination within the disability act.

I am, and have always been, a 100% honest and hard working Employee. But I now find I can not get a job doing anything at all and believe me I would do anything. I will go in the Sewers with the shit and rats if someone will give me a chance. I am being being wasted. I am a multi skilled handyman with 30 years experience and I have other skills that would suit many an Employer. But the door is closed and while it remains closed I will do all I can to expose the treatment of those with Mental Health issues. I am now a full time activist and I will carry on until I see what I think are the Human Rights of us being granted. Employers get away with far too much in the UK and now some pretty major Mental Health organisations are up their ass. We are watching you...and we will expose you in the media....

T A Roberts (London April 2011)

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Anonymous said...

good on you - go Mate !Some things just make me mad here in our system as well