Friday, 18 March 2011

Important Day ...(and my fear of imaging)

I may be on the cusp of someone giving me a chance in the work place again..albeit part time. All I know is to work so this past few months have been alien to me..I left School at 16, joined West End Theatre two weeks later and its all I have known since. It kind of went ok this morning

I have a therapy session this afternoon and they get harder and harder....I have been putting it off by ranting when I see John but I know that he wants me to return to imaging work. This is really tough to do because I have to go back to times that I found the hardest in my life at School...and other places. When I exit the image it is like you are tasting that experience for the 1st time...imaging is vital to the schema therapy but I fucking hate doing it. And I know he wants to start it when I get there...because of its emotional impact its not something you can do half way through the session.

Once I have finished that at 4pm I have a meeting with a Mental Health Lawyer. I need to know more about my rights because they are few and far between...Mental Health discrimination is still rife and I am not going to be trodden on by the State. The State would much rather us all commit suicide but that aint going to happen to me. My mind set is a million miles from that...I will forever be an activist once I come out of the worst of this. I will make it my business to expose ATOS and other Government agencies as bully's of the people at the bottom of the pit. This will start on March 26th during the mass protest when I will attempt to occupy their head office.

Much Love...T A Roberts (March 2011, London)

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